Health, safety and access features


Perimeter Fencing. Many playgrounds do not include perimeter fencing, yet boundaries are important with special populations. This playground will be a place of increased safety and independence for special needs children, while decreasing the supervision strain on caregivers, allowing them to relax and interact with other parents.

Accessibility. Children with mobility issues enjoy all types of playground experiences and love to play side by side with children who do not have mobility issues.

  • Accessible swings
  • Molded seatback and sympathetic swing/ Seagull swings
  • Rubber surfacing
  • Raised sand box
  • Tandem teeter-totter with back support

Shade and cooling. The need for shade is greater in special populations. Some youth with disabilities have a difficult time monitoring their body temperatures and making the necessary adjustments and medication can impact the body’s ability to regulate body temperature.

  • Shade over swings
  • Mariner cantilevers
  • Coolbrellas
  • Cooling Mists
  • Drinking fountain